Testing Advantages


With the resent commissioning of the new Testing facility at our factory in Jebel Ali, we have now added Impulse voltage testing and practical discharge testing to the array of tests that we can conduct in-house. Equipped with state-of-the-art testing technology and enriched with the knowledge of experienced personnel, we are proud to offer the facility for conducting the under noted tests as an additional service for our valued customers.

Impulse Voltage Testing Equipment
Partial Discharge Measurement Equipment
Fully digital and automatic Impulse test system supplied by M/s. Haefely Test AG, Switzerland consisting of:
  • mpulse generator 800kVp, 40kJ, 125nf,8 stages
  • Voltage divider 800kV
  • Reference divider 500kV R500
  • Controlled Chopping Gap 1200kv
  • Reference Impulse Calibrator RIC 422
  • Impulse generator control GC223 for fully automatic control of impulse testing
Partial discharge detector TES571 supplied by Tettex Instruments, a division of M/s Haefely Test AG. Switzerland consisting of:
  • Detector with facility for automatic recording of tested data and analysis of discharges
  • Tunable narrow- band amplifier for measurement in noisy environments.
  • Multiplexer for multi-phase testing
  • Standard software with ellipse display, 3-D graphs, colour scatter plot, qV curve, Cigre format data export etc. Software options include the TEAS diagnostic software TE571- DSW (comparison of finger prints with user-specific databanks) and the TE571-OSW emulation program for standalone PC use
  • Lightning impulse test 1.2 / 50 us up to 800kV
  • Tail Chopped Wave test (between 2 and 8 us) at voltage up to 800kV
  • Partial Discharge test
  • Oil filled Transformers of any rating up to 132kV voltage class
  • Cables and Motors up to 132kV voltage class
  • High Voltage switchgear products up to 132kV voltage class
  • Bushings up to 132kV
  • Products that can be Tested
  • Oil filled Transformers
  • Current transformers / voltage transformers up to 33kg voltage class
  • Switchgear up to 33kV voltage class