Distribution Transformers


Distribution Transformers

Oil Filled Distribution Transformer

Here, at ETS we manufacture a wide range of transformers up to voltage classes of 33kV. While we cater exactly to our customers requirements, generally, transformers produced here fall within two categories – ground mounted and pole mounted type. For every application the transformer may require a different design and various parameters and as a result, there is an assortment of configurations. Primarily in addition to the performance properties of the transformers i.e. voltage ratio, losses, impedance temperature rise etc. even the layout of transformers can be of various kinds:

Pole Mounted Transformers
  • HV/LV Outdoor Bushing on Top Cover
  • HV Outdoor Bushing on Top Cover End, LV Cable Box on the side
  • Hermetically Sealed or of Breathing Type with conservator
  • Single or Dual Primary

Ground Mounted Transformers
  • HV/LV Cable Box on the Side
  • Hermetically Sealed or of Breathing Type with Conservator
  • Single or Dual Primary

Furthermore, the cooling medium used for our transformers can be mineral oil or synthetic liquids such as silicon fluid / midel fluid. Needless to say, performance parameters and layouts / configurations differ for each of our customers as well as for various applications and hence, we ensure that our products meet all requirements of the customers.

Product Specifications
Transformer Rating 100KVA 200KVA 250KVA 500KVA 1000KVA 1500KVA
HV 11,000 V ≠ 21/2%, ≠ 5%
LV 231 V, 400 V, 415 V or 433 V
Vector group Dyn 11
Frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Temp. rise oil / winding 40/50ºC, 50/55ºC or 60/65ºC
No Load Loss (watts) 300 500 650 1,100 1,700 1,900


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