Since our establishment, in 1987, as the pioneer of transformer manufacturing in U.A.E., we have grown steadily over the years, gaining much experience in manufacturing, at first, Distribution Transformers and thereafter, moving into, slightly higher rating Power Transformers. Having achieved the status as an accomplished manufacturer of Distribution & Power Transformers up to 31.5MVA, 33kV class, ETS has invested much in upgrading its infrastructure to support manufacturing Power Transformers up to 40MVA 72kV class.

The company has executed many prestigious orders for transformers of ratings above 10MVA – for example, supply of 10 MVA to 31.5MVA power transformers in Oman, UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Uganda, Kenya 12.5MVA power transformers in Saudi Arabia, 20MVA, 66kV class power transformer in Qatar and 25MVA generator transformers in U.A.E. The successful supply of 31.5MVA transformers to a private utility in The Netherlands marks another milestone for us at ETS! By taking up repairs of larger transformers such as 44MVA in Sharjah, U.A.E., 30MVA in Qatar and 43MVA in Dubai, U.A.E., we are also bringing into the scope of our vision our ability to service the Power Transformer industry.

As an independent company, we have dedicated our people, technology, financial resources and manufacturing expertise to add value to our customers' needs. In addition to having extended our product line, we have also developed a technological, administrative and marketing infrastructure that is comparable with some of the finest manufacturers of similar products worldwide. ETS is uniquely focused on becoming one of the most valued global providers of power & distribution products for utilities and industry.

Oil Filled Power Transformers

2500kVA to 40MVA up to 72kV Voltage Class Transformer
  • ONAN/ONAF Rating
  • With On Load Tap Changer(OLTC)
  • With special accessories e.g. Surge Arresters

Silicone Liquid, Midel, FR-3 Filled Power Transformers

2500kVA to 40MVA up to 72kV Voltage Class Transformer
  • High Fire point liquid filled transformer for special application and Hazardous Location