Package Substation

Distribution Package Substation

We manufacture a wide range of package substations which primarily comprise of the transformer, high voltage main Unit and voltage feeder pillar. The entire assembly is mounded on a common base to facilitate lifting and hauling as an integral unit. The transformer terminations have flanges, which match the corresponding ones on the switchgear side. The inter connection between the high voltage side of the transformer and high voltage Ring Main Unit is done by means of either an oil filled trunking or with plug-in elbow connectors with cable. The low voltage Feeder Pillar is directly mounded on the corresponding flange of the transformer. Depending on customer's requirements, we can provide Ring Main Unit and Feeder Pillar on opposite sides or on the one side of the transformer. Furthermore, if required by the customer, we can also supply appropriate housing for the substation unit. Typically, the material used for the housing can either be GRP, sheet steel, ALUZINC, or Aluminum. The housing whenever, provide, is also fitted with the necessary ventilators and has suitable doors for easy access to the units. The substations are completely weather proof and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Product specifications:

System Voltage Up to 17KV
Transformer Rating To be specified by the customer (From 250kVA to 2000kVA)
LV Feeder Pillar To be specified by the customer
HV Ring Main Unit Oil Type / SF6 with Fuses / SF6 with circuit Breaker
Type of Cooling ONAN
Specifications SEWA / KAHARMA – QATAR specifications.
International standards IES 62200-200 / IEC 60076 / BS 171 / ZEN 2761 / ANSI C57 Series / IEC 60439 / BS 5486