TAMCO Switchgear VHIH | Air Insulated

TAMCO’s VHIH Switchgear is based on decades of experience of catering to a wide variety of customer requirements ranging from cassette or truck-mounted, single or double tier, single or double busbar, manual or motorised type of switchgear. This experience enables TAMCO to offer versatile, safe, and end-user friendly products.

VHIH comprises PM class medium voltage switchgear assemblies up to 17.5kV and features a cubicle width of only 600mm for ratings up to 1600A and fault levels of 40kA for 3s.

VHIH is robustly designed and built to perform even in the most adverse environments.

  • Arc fault contained a window for viewing earth switch main contacts prior to operation

The switchgear has a high level of safety and is designed to work in a wide range of applications including utility, industrial infrastructure and complies with the latest IEC standards.

Higher ratings available on request
*with forced cooling
**Depth & Height may vary for different configurations

– Higher ratings available on request
– With forced cooling
– Depth & Height may vary for different configurations

TAMCO regards safety as the most important consideration for switchgear design and operation and the following proven safety features have been built into VHIH.

  • 40kA IAC for 1 sec in 600mm width cubicle
  • For operational safety, positive fail-safe interlocks are incorporated for VCB, Earth Switch & VT operation Metallic independent movement shutter with padlock option
  • Arc fault contained a viewing window for viewing earth switch main contacts prior to operation
  • Optional motorised remote racking in and out of the facility for VCB trucks
  • Comprehensive pad-locking facilities
  • Mimic diagram and position indicators to guide operators


  • Incomer & Feeder Panel
  • Bus Sectioniser
  • Bus Riser
  • Cassette or Floor Rolling VCB
  • Bus VT & Line VT
  • Two Tier VT Panel
  • Swing-out or Trolley VT
  • Metering Panels
  • Vacuum Contactor
  • Panels Cable entry from top & bottom


  • Fully type tested as per IEC62271-100/200/102
  • Compact dimensions
  • Generous air clearances for busbars
  • Safe and fail-safe positive interlocks
  • All operations behind a closed door
  • Fault make type earthing switch available
  • Sliding door, easier locking
  • Optional motorised rack-in and rack-out
  • Fixed type, swing type, and draw-out type VT options
  • Block type or ring type CT options available
  • Generous cable termination height
  • Seismic Zone – V tested


  • Space-saving
  • The safe operation behind a closed door
  • Ease of installation
  • Breaker movement inside a cubicle is independent of floor surface condition
  • Extensible both sides
  • Minimum operator training required
  • Internal Arc Fault tested for 1 second for up to 40/50kA

General Transformer Range

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