Capacitor Bank

Low/Medium Voltage Capacitor Bank Panels – Power Factor Correction

The ETS Group companies offer a complete design and build service for the majority of power factor correction needs, producing quality systems to meet and exceed customers specific requirements.

Modern electrical networks are subject to reactive power losses and inefficiencies induced on networks from inductive loads. Inductance causes a phase shift between current and voltage to create a lag that need to be minimised to avoid financial penalties and energy wastage.

Power factor (pF) correction circuits utilise capacitors to minimise reactive power and improve efficiencies. Multiple capacitors are banked and connected in series-parallel groups inside cabinets called Capacitor Bank Panels which incorporate circuit protection devices and contractors controlled by an automatic pF controller relay.

The ETS Group range of Capacitor Banks are designed and built to exacting standards to provide efficient and reliable solutions to improve overall system performance from solutions manufactured to the customer’s specification.


  • Multi-step pF correction
  • Protection devices
  • Switches
  • Control system
  • Form 2 construction
  • Fan cooling with Filter
  • Easy access

We work with premium and global leaders in capacitor technologies to ensure that we deliver the best and optimised designs in the industry to fully satisfy our customer’s needs and wants in power factor correction.

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