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CGISCubicle Gas Insulated Switchgear

Cubicle GIS systems, with more than 4,000 switchgear panels installed throughout the Middle East and Asia. The Cubicle GIS system has been satisfying a top-tier level of uncompromised reliability for operator safety and minimising operating costs by creating a compact design of the panels for minimum space requirements.

Available from 630 to 3150 amp, 25.8 to 36kV systems with a rated breaking current option of 25 to 40kA and compliance to IEC 62271-1/100/102/200.

Uncompromised Operator Safety  

  • Internal arc classification AFLR 1s complying to IEC standards
  • IP65 degree of protection for high voltage compartments with live components
  • Logical mechanical and electrical interlocks to prevent improper operation
  • Partition Class: PM

Top-Tier Level of Reliability

  • In excess of 4,000 switchgear panels with long service in the Middle East and Asia
  • M2, E2 and C2 endurance class of vacuum interrupters
  • Performed by high-quality vacuum interrupters for earthing of switchgear sections

Minimum Operating Costs

  • Compact top entry design of the panels for minimum space requirement
  • Maintenance-free design on gas-filled compartments

General Transformer Range

Distribution Liquid l Distribution Cast Resin l Medium Power l Power l Earthing l Rectifier l Motor Start l Phase Shift l Generator l Voltage Regulating l Auto l Multi-Tap ESP l Reactors l Solar l Wind Turbine l Furnace l Dual Ratio

Delivering Network Resilience and Reliability