Low Voltage Switchgear

The ETS Group manufacturers a range of high-quality LV switchgear, control and power factor correction panels which are designed and built to IEC Standards in our UAE facilities.

The ETS Group companies offer solutions that fully meet and satisfy specific utility and/or customer specification requirements utilising various panel protection
levels and types.

Our range:

  • Feeder Pillar & LV Panels (package substation)
  • LV feeder pillars – freestanding (indoor/outdoor)
  • LV Capacitor Bank Power Factor Correction Panels
  • Street Lighting Feeder Pillars
  • RTCC Panels – Power Transformer Remote Tap-Changer Control
  • Terminal, Marshalling Box & Fan Cooling Control Boxes – Transformer

Low voltage switchgear distribution systems are primarily used for distributing, switching and protection of secondary side electrical power main services and branch circuits to feed electrical power throughout a designated network.

The ETS Group companies offer solutions that fully meet and satisfy specific utility and/or customer specifications and requirements utilising various protection types and panel protection levels.

General Switchgear and Feeder Pillar

Protection: Miniature Circuit Breaker, BS88 Part 5 Type J fuse and DIN Standard NH fuse

Rating: 160 to 4000 Amp, 433 Volt AC

Standard: IEC 61439-1, 2020

Degree of Protection: IP43, IP54 and IP65

Enclosure: Powder Coated Galvanised Iron, Powder Coated Aluminium or Stainless Steel

Capacitor Bank Panels – Power Factor Correction

Modern electrical networks are subject to reactive power losses and inefficiencies induced on networks from inductive loads. Inductance causes a phase shift between current and voltage to create a lag that needs to be minimised to avoid financial penalties and energy wastage.

Power factor (pF) correction circuits utilise capacitors to minimise reactive power and improve efficiencies. Multiple capacitors are banked and connected in parallel inside cabinets called Capacitor Bank panels which incorporate circuit protection devices and an automatic pF controller relay controlled by contactors.

The ETS Group companies offer a complete design and build service for the majority of power factor correction needs, producing quality systems to meet and exceed customers specific requirements.

RTCC Panels

Remote monitoring and control of power transformer On-load Tap-changers are necessary to maintain the desired secondary voltage through the automatic voltage regulating relay (AVR). Usually, RTCC panels are installed inside the substation and the power transformers are situated outside and are interconnected via control cabling. Additionally, the RTCC panel facilitates the operation of more than one transformer in parallel.

Typically, the RTCC panel comprises the AVR, TPI (tap position indicator), LED indicators, selector switches, temperature indicators, voltmeters, control relays, annunciator, bi-stable relays, contactors, transducers for remote indication. We offer RTCC panels compatible with RTU or SCMS based substation configuration communications for SCADA.

General Transformer Range

Distribution Liquid l Distribution Cast Resin l Medium Power l Power l Earthing l Rectifier l Motor Start l Phase Shift l Generator l Voltage Regulating l Auto l Multi-Tap ESP l Reactors l Solar l Wind Turbine l Furnace l Dual Ratio

Delivering Network Resilience and Reliability