Oil & Gas Transformers

Emirates Transformer & Switchgear has vast experience in the design, manufacture, and application of transformers for all critical and harsh environments present in on/off-shore, processing and refining operations in oil and gas sectors. Our core business values are founded in safety and reliability, these core principles are paramount in every process we undertaking across our facilities and apply on supply partners to ensure we provide the customer with complete security and confidence that only the highest quality and most reliable transformers are supplied.

Our experience in the specifics of specialist oil and gas sector transformer application designs extend over 25 years.  Transformers utilised in this sector are some of the most technically challenging transformer designs which require extensive experience, knowledge, and appreciation of the exacting application and environmental requirements. Oil and gas applications require different transformer design parameters when compared to traditional liquid transformer design principles.

ETS fully understands the unique and differing demand characteristics applied to the transformer when refining or extracting crude oil from the ground or sea bed.  Specialist step-up multi-tap, phase shift, booster, VSD, and many more types form part of our product portfolio for the petrochemical, oil, and gas market sectors. We typically supply applications for motors, pumps, compressors, and drilling machinery required for on-shore, off-shore, or refinery operations.

ETS are the supplier of choice for chemical, petrochemical, oil, and gas operators through the delivery of complete security in the design and manufacture of fit-for-purpose quality transformers to deliver system resilience and reliability ensuring safer daily operations with complete efficiency with no blackout periods due to the transformer performance.

On-shore Transformers

Transformers located in on-shore facilities are necessary for general electrical distribution for the extraction of crude oil from underground oil fields many kilometres below the surface. On-shore locations are still exposed to harsh environments, be that extreme hot or cold climates; categorised as a mildly corrosive environment, transformers are typically constructed using hot dip galvanised tank and radiators with a paint coating finish for protection from abrasive conditions such as, sandstorms present in desert areas.

Off-shore Transformers

Off-shore platforms are some of the most extreme operations to be found across all industrial sectors with exposure to extreme temperatures (hot or cold), weather and abrasive conditions. Similar to on-shore facilities transformers are used for general electrical distribution for the extraction of crude oil from oil fields many kilometres below sea level. Categorised as a severe corrosive environment, transformers are constructed of stainless steel 316L tank/radiators and passivated for additional protection and durability. External accessories are stainless steel and cable box enclosures have a minimum IP66 or NEMA 4X class.

Refinery Transformers

Crude oil refining operations are complex facilities requiring a mandatory level of safety due to the hazardous and explosive environments typically found in refining processes. Transformers are used for general electrical distribution to specialist transformers for compressor and pump converters or drives.

Fire Safe Transformers – Ester Dielectric Fluid

Oil & gas transformers utilising fire safe ester dielectric fluids as an alternative to traditional mineral transformer oil for significantly enhanced safety and protection of personnel, environment and assets.
In safety critical oil and gas environments, fire and safety officers strive to identify opportunities to further mitigate the risk of potentially catastrophic fire events. The global oil and gas sector has been at the forefront for adopting the use of fire safe ester dielectric fluids in transformers to achieve higher operational safety standards by using a dielectric fluid that has a K-Class rated fire point of above 300°C. Ester dielectric fluids are extensively proven in transformer applications and are Fire Safe K-Class Rated, Fully Bio-degradable, Sustainable and Pose no threat to the environment.

We also offer traditional mineral oil dielectric fluids for oil and gas transformers.

   Operator & EPC Experience: 

  • ADNOC On-shore / Off-shore
  • Petroleum Development Oman
  • Petronas
  • Qatar Petroleum, QGPC, QAFCO, Qatargas
  • IOOC

     Operator & EPC Experience: 

  • Schlumberger
  • GE Oil & Gas
  • Occidental
  • Hyundai Heavy Industries
  • L&T Hydrocarbon
  • Baker Hughes
  • Petrofac
  • QXY
  • Siemens

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