Battery Charger/Rectifier

Statron’s BDT rectifier series sets new standards in durability, reliability, functionality and serviceability.

The BDTe is a heavy-duty, thyristor- controlled rectifier, specifically designed for the harshest operating environment in industrial applications, such as oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, power distribution and transmission plants for operation throughout the world.

The modular and flexible system concept together with a high number of options enables a fully customised solution that allows meeting any requirement, irrespective of how specific it may be.

BDTe Series| 25 – 2000A Applications

Key features:

  • Based on a well-proven technology platform
  • Design life of 25 – 30 years
  • Latest digital μP technology
  • Clear structured front panel
  • State of the art communication software
  • Fully monitored system platform
  • Rugged and heavy industrial design
  • Intelligent battery management

Operational benefits:

  • High reliability
  • Long durability
  • High degree of customisation and flexibility Easy operation and control
  • Easy access and intuitive communication Low operational costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Extremely high degree of availability

Durability due to use of Proven Technology

UPS solutions engineered by Statron have been protecting industrial installations for more than four decades. The outstanding durability of the BDTe is based on:

  • Well-proven system platform BDT with high MTBF and low MTTR values
  • Use of high quality rugged industrial components
  • Design life of 25 – 30 years
  • Compliance to all relevant ISO and IEC/EN standards
  • Electrical and physical integrated galvanic isolation
  • Design to withstand harsh environmental conditions (up to IP54)

Reliability through Excellent Design

The outstanding reliability of the BDTe is ensured by a combination of high-end technology and robust design. In detail, the advantages are based on:

  • Leading microprocessor-controlled thyristor technology
  • Internal power supply with 5 independent DC converters including health monitoring
  • Integrated watchdog circuits
  • RS485 daisy chain internal communication bus
  • The unique feature of ultra-cap real-time clock
  • (RTC) back-up with time synchronisation facility
  • Dedicated I/O board with numerous configurable analogue and digital inputs
  • CAN bus for parallel operation for robust digital communication
  • 12-puls operation with active load sharing (option)
  • Advanced filter- and PID control scheme for best diesel generator compliance
  • The unique feature of fully segregated, independent and redundant measuring facility (shunt and/or CT) including mains power meter
  • Independent microprocessor-based diode voltage dropper (DVR) controller
  • On-board earth fault monitor with leakage current indication
  • PT1000 based real-time temperature display and monitoring

Easy Operation & Control

The front panel of the BDTe facilitates a comprehensive and flexible human-machine interface. An easy and intuitive operation and control of the system is achieved through:

  • Colour coded and animated LED mimic flow diagram adapted to the actual configuration
  • Comprehensive 8-line LCD display
  • Multi-language support
  • 12 Programmable alarms and indications
  • Intelligent real-time event recorder for 2500 events
  • Continuous battery availability (health) check
  • Multi-level user management
  • Front access to key components (fans, capacitors, ) to allow fast and cost-effective maintenance

Easy Accessible Interface & Intuitive Communication

State of the art communication software and gateway supports the monitoring and control of the BDTe. Fast and easy accessibility and intuitive communication are achieved through:

  • RS232/RS485 serial interface with MODBUS protocol
  • Modbus TCP/IP interface
  • PROFIBUS interface
  • IEC61850 interface
  • TCP/IP network interface with onboard web-server
  • USB-stick interface for event-log and configuration dump (readout)
  • Remote display
  • Programmable relays cards
  • Digital inputs (for EPO, generator operation etc.)
  • Programmable analogue inputs (battery temperature, etc.) with clear text messages

Reliable Battery Use and Management

Battery monitoring and management is a key factor for a reliable and durable power backup. The Statron BDTe has class-leading built-in features, such as:

  • Multi string battery current monitoring
  • Battery midpoint monitoring
  • Battery availability check
  • Smart Battery Monitor (Constantly updated battery capacity and battery back-up time)
  • Automated / manual partial discharge testing based on the pre-set capacity threshold with assessment record
  • Compatible with all battery types / wide DC range
  • Four individual programmable battery charge voltages
  • Two individual battery charge current limitation levels
  • Float-Current monitoring

Excellent Service and Maintenance Support

The reliability of the installed power solution is supported by PTS’s service engineers and Statron’s global service team.

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