TAMCO Switchgear GV3N | Gas Insulated Switchgear

Minimal Maintenance, Compact & Modular SF6 Insulated Distribution Switchgear

TAMCO GV3N modular SF6 distribution switchgear, incorporating time tested vacuum interrupter based circuit breaker. TAMCO has been manufacturing GIS products since the early 90s and has gained vast experience during this period.

GV3N has been designed to provide higher operational safety and minimal maintenance from a sealed for life system. GV3N’s compact modular design provides a perfect platform for building a reliable distribution network when space is limited.

Supported by a worldwide after-sales and service network, TAMCO ensures that the experts are close to our customer’s region and are available to provide support at all times.

Electrical Characteristics 36kV
Rated Current A ≤2500
Rated Frequency Hz 50/60
Rated Short Time Current kA/3Sec 25/31.5
Rated S.C. Making Current kAp 63/82
Rated S.C.Sym Breaking Current kA 25/31.5
Rated Impulse Voltage (1.2/50) kVP 170
Rated AC 1 min pf Voltage kV-rms 70
Width mm 600/800
Depth mm 1130*
Height mm 2375*

*Depth & Height may vary for different configurations

TAMCO regards safety as the most important specification of switchgear design and operation and the following proven safety features have been built into type GV3N.

  • No exposure to live parts
  • Operational safety from Permissive interlock, Proof of Earth, Point of Isolation, etc.
  • Comprehensive pad-locking facilities
  • Mimic diagrams and position indicators to guide the operators
  • Arc fault tested at 25/31.5kA for 1 sec

Product Variants

  • Circuit breaker incomer/outgoing panel
  • Bus sections
  • Bus Riser
  • Metering panels
  • Bus VT
  • Line VT
  • Surge arrester
  • Cable entry from top/bottom, front/rear


  • Most compact footprint with a rigid structure
  • VCB with SF6 gas insulation, cable & busbar in the air with touch-proof connections
  • No SF6 handling at site
  • Safe, positive and foolproof interlocks
  • Cable door & VCB interlocked
  • Pad-lockable VCB & 3-position motorised isolator
  • Fully modular design with an extension on both sides
  • SF6 content approx. 4.5Kg
  • Front cable entry & no rear clearance required
  • Optional top, rear cable entry available
  • Option SF6 gas-insulated busbar

Customer Benefits

  • Reduces cubicle space by >35%
  • Suitable for highly polluted environment
  • Safe operation behind closed door
  • Ease of installation sealed for life
  • Peace of mind with almost zero maintenance
  • Productivity maximisation
  • No fire risk

General Transformer Range

Distribution Liquid l Distribution Cast Resin l Medium Power l Power l Earthing l Rectifier l Motor Start l Phase Shift l Generator l Voltage Regulating l Auto l Multi-Tap ESP l Reactors l Solar l Wind Turbine l Furnace l Dual Ratio

Delivering Network Resilience and Reliability