LS Electric | Air Insulated Switchgear

MCSGMetal Clad Switchgear

LS ELECTRIC medium voltage MCSG has the best protection rating out of air-insulated switchgear and it can increase space utilisation by reducing installation space. With a full line-up of products to the high capacity models, we can provide the solutions that customer wants.

Available from 630 to 5000 amp, 7.2 to 36kV systems with IP4X degree of protection.

Compact & Customised

  • Compact and economical civil work
  • Customised design

Reliability & Safety

  • Tested according to international standards
  • Compartment metal partitions to minimise damage to adjacent compartments
  • Internal arc resistant structure and pressure relief systems for personal safety
  • Circuit breaker drawing in/out with the door closed
  • Various optional accessories including interlocks and padlocks


  • Applied maintenance-free VCB
  • Minimised maintenance and simplified inspection

General Transformer Range

Distribution Liquid l Distribution Cast Resin l Medium Power l Power l Earthing l Rectifier l Motor Start l Phase Shift l Generator l Voltage Regulating l Auto l Multi-Tap ESP l Reactors l Solar l Wind Turbine l Furnace l Dual Ratio

Delivering Network Resilience and Reliability